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Spanish courses

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One-to-one courses:

  • 10 Spanish and 8 culture classes
  • 40 hours per level
  • Schedules are fixed according to the students’ needs
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We offer an intensive Spanish program which covers the following:

  • 10 levels
  • 80 hours per level
  • 4-week courses
  • Classes given Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 13:00 hours
  • Two professors in every level allowing students to be exposed to different teaching strategies and giving them more opportunities for interaction

Our Spanish courses provide students with a unique opportunity to practice the language in the classroom while being immersed in the culture. Our program is internationally recognized for our students’ mastery of Spanish language as they develop linguistic skills that allow them to communicate effectively in a personal, academic, and professional context.


Culture classes:

If you want to complement Spanish with a little bit of culture, we have 40-hour culture classes in the following topics:

  • Mexican Folklore
  • Mexican Film Industry
  • Mexican History
  • Mexican Literature
  • Tourist Services in Mexico
  • Entrepreneurship in Mexico
  • Science and Technology in Mexico
  • Medical Services in Mexico

Fees for Spanish Courses:

  • Enrollment Fee: $75 USD (one-time payment)
  • Spanish group lessons: $620 USD
  • Spanish 1 to 1: $1,335 USD

Contact us:
Chat on WhatsApp 33 1558 7447.
Chat on WhatsApp 33 1437 9414.
Chat on WhatsApp 33 3956 6206.  


Compártenos tus intereses y en breve un asesor educativo se pondrá en contacto contigo.


Compártenos tus intereses y en breve un asesor educativo se pondrá en contacto contigo.

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