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The Office of International Programmes at UAG coordinates and monitors both national and international activities/events at the Institution, while promoting and supporting research and teaching networks as well as other types of international academic collaboration, which result in a variety of mobility programmes.

Study Options
Study Options
Academic mobility refers to the movement of students, faculty, and administrative staff, from a home institution to a host institution



Academic mobility refers to the movement of students, faculty, and administrative staff, from a home institution to a host institution, in order to participate in research activities and technological innovation along with training, teaching, and educational programmes.

An Exchange Programme is defined by a Memorandum of Understanding that has been signed by two or more institutions and works upon a basis of reciprocity.

An Independent Programme is based upon a participating individual’s willingness to cover tuition costs at both the host institution and the home institution.

A Special Programme is adapted to the requests expressed by an interested party who generally covers the agreed costs.




Mobility options for Students, Faculty, and Researchers

Mobility options for Students, Faculty, and Researchers
Application Process

Application Process


Follow these steps to apply for the programme:

  • Meet with the director of your academic programme and request a letter, addressed to the Office of International Programmes, nominating you as an eligible candidate.
  • For further details visit the Office of International Programmes, located in office 301 of Rectoría, where the Coordination of Outgoing Mobility can help answer all your questions as well as provide you with the required application forms.
  • Turn in the application forms and wait for your acceptance letter.
  • Get an international medical insurance policy combined with repatriation coverage.
  • Apply for your student visa as soon as you receive the acceptance letter.
  • Look for flights and housing for your stay abroad.


» A Grade Point Average of 8 or 9 is needed (it may vary depending on the programme of your choice).

You must be enrolled as a regular student and not have any outstanding academic or administrative obligations.

You must keep in mind that meeting the language proficiency requirements of the country of destination is mandatory. Ask us about the language proficiency tests you will need to take as well as the minimum score required for your host university. Prepare for the test ahead of time; if you do not obtain the necessary score, the application process will automatically be put on hold.

Application Process


UAG has mobility agreements with universities that welcome a limited number of students every semester on a first come first served basis.Therefore, only complete documentation will be accepted before application deadlines:

January >   March to start in >   August
June >   August to start in >   February



For more information about The Office International Programmes, please contact:
Telephone: +52 (33) 36 48 88 24, ext. 35889. 




UAG offers several incoming mobility programme options:

  • Spanish Intensive courses
  • Undergraduate courses
  • Graduate courses (Masters and Doctorate)


Application process


For international students who wish to attend UAG through a mobility programme or as an independent student please follow these steps:

  • Check if your University has a current agreement with UAG.
  • Go to your University’s International Relations Office so they can provide you with the necessary information regarding the application forms.
  • Revise the degree requirements with the coordinator of your programme to select the courses you will take during your period abroad.
  • Turn in the required documents.
  • Once you are accepted, we will send you an electronic acceptance letter and an original through regular mail. Please take into consideration that it may take some time, approximately 6 to 8 weeks, for the letter to arrive; this depends entirely on the country’s postal service.


» You must have successfully completed the third semester of your studies and must have a GPA of 2.5 or higher or a score of 80 in the Mexican grading system.

It is the student’s responsibility to comply with all Mexican immigration requirements and obtain the corresponding visa, if necessary, to study at UAG.

Application Process

International Club

Dr. Karina Aguilar
In order to help students achieve a well-rounded and enriching experience, students are encouraged to participate in UAG’s International Club. Its mission is to provide foreign students with opportunities to integrate into college life and into the social and cultural environment of Mexico,
by participating in the following activities: conversation groups, cooking classes, sports, tournaments, cultural and historical trips, concerts, as well as art and culture festivals in the city, etc.



Dr. Karina Aguilar
The Office of International Programmes has a list of families who offer excellent room and board options to UAG international students. Some advantages of living with the families include getting to practice Spanish outside of the classroom, learning more about Mexico’s culture, and experiencing a different way of life.


Visa Information

Dr. Karina Aguilar
Prospective students of different nationalities should contact the Mexican Government Diplomatic Representation in their countries in order to receive advice concerning the length of stay and the type of visa needed according to the programme they want to participate in.



For more information about The Office International Programmes, please contact:
Telephone: +52 (33) 36 48 88 24, ext. 32319.